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Jessie Devlin Close

Jessie Devlin Close is a direct access hostel providing a 24-hour crisis intervention service to some of the city's most vulnerable people. Many men and women who are rough sleeping or at risk of becoming street homeless refer themselves to the project to gain help and emergency accommodation. Substance misuse, behavioural problems, relationship breakdown, mental health and prison release are some of the factors leading to their homelessness.

Accommodating up to 33 people, the project offers residents more than a roof over their head. It aims to help them move towards more appropriate accommodation and ultimately independent living. Supported by staff, residents are assisted to engage with the support services needed to help them address the issues leading to their current circumstances. Residents receive healthy and well-balanced meals to help improve their health and wellbeing, and ensure their daily nutritional needs are met.

Jessie Devlin Close hostel front view including entrance

Accommodating up to 33 people, the project offers more than a roof over their head

Key Facts

  • Breakfast and main meals provided 7 days a week
  • More than 250 people provided with accommodation.
  • More than 50% housed in appropriate settled accommodation.

Kevin’s Story

I found myself homeless when I was released from prison and faced the prospect of sleeping rough. A mate told me about Dundee Transforms hostel at Jessie Devlin Close and suggested that I should contact them to try and get emergency accommodation.

Staff at the hostel were great. They gave me a bed and explained how the could help me. My allocated key worker put me in contact with the Drug Problem Centre to help me address my long-standing drug use. I'm now taking part on a methadone reduction programme and hope to be drug free by next summer. My key worker also referred me to one of the resettlement units to help me prepare for moving back into the community.

With the support of my key worker and hostel staff, I am more settled within myself than I've been for years, and feel confident of my chances of changing my life around


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