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Zero Waste Volunteer and Community Advocate Programme

The Zero Waste Scotland Volunteer and Community Advocate Programme aims to work with volunteers from the local area to promote reducing, reusing and recycling waste in order to achieve a genuinely zero waste society. Transform Community Development in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland will co-ordinate the programme and run the volunteer group in communities within Dundee and Angus.

Volunteers and Advocates

Volunteer at Transform CommunityVolunteers help to give practical advice in their community to help reduce waste and promote recycling and reuse of waste materials. This can be achieved in many ways and each volunteer can bring his or her own strengths to the programme. Advocates are usually individuals who reside or are well known in the community. A trusted and respected person who has the best interests of the area at heart.

Whilst the aim is to promote a greener community there is no reason why moving towards this target cannot be fun. So, if you are interested in helping Scotland reach its target of becoming a zero waste society and you have passion for the project then join us! You don't have to do anything you don't want to and you can work around your own plans.

In return we'll provide training, support, a chance to meet and make friends with other volunteers and even a reference for future pursuits. So if you like the sound of all this fun, get in touch on any of the contact details listed below.


Volunteer and Community Advocate programme information stall

The Volunteer and Community Advocate Programme is well underway and we are working in Cliffburn(Arbroath), Carnoustie, Monifieth, Balgillo and Ardler. We are recruiting Advocates in these areas. Individuals who are passionate about their neighbourhood or community.

We hope to see you soon and get you onboard with the challenge ahead!

Our Aims

We are working with neighbourhoods and individuals to reduce food waste and increase household recycling. We can achieve this by providing the knowledge, skills and support to help householders to make informed choices and decisions which achieve these goals as well as save money!

We approach the issue from two aspects, food waste and recycling. We work in partnership with other groups to provide hints and tips to save money and reduce waste.

Love Food, Haste Waste Logo and website link Love Food, Hate Waste
Zero Waste Scotland and Transform Community Development will be championing the work of Love Food, Hate Waste. The average Scottish household could save £430 per year by following some simple tips. This equates to around 566 000 tonnes of food waste at a total cost of £1billion.

Stop the Drop campaign and link Recycle for Scotland
Scotland's target is to recycle 70% of waste by 2025 and a very easy way of helping to reach this target is to recycle materials at home. Many brands and retailers are now labelling to help make recycling even easier and as individuals we can make informed choices to select products with less packaging or reuse and recycle items we have bought previously.


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