This is our Charter, it outlines how we, Transform Community Development, as an organisation will communicate our shared vision and has been developed in partnership with staff, service users and partners. It defines the responsibilities of the organisation and the responsibilities of service users.

As a Service User You Can Expect

To be treated as an individual and with RESPECT at all times.

To be treated in an environment that nurtures HONESTY AND TRUST, even if the conversation is a difficult one. We will be honest about what we can and cannot do and provide you with information in a timely manner to help promote choice and control.

To be treated or supported by staff who strive to provide a SUPPORTIVE AND COMPASSIONATE environment for all; demonstrating empathy in all relationships, supporting you when things are tough and ensuring we get it right for you every time.

That staff will ensure you have THE TIME TO TALK AND will actively LISTEN to you and seek to understand your needs and expectations. Staff will encourage you to participate in decisions around support and service development.

Teams and professionals to WORK TOGETHER to ensure that you are involved in decisions that affect you; ensuring that your housing support and other needs are met together.

In Return we expect you as a Service User

Show RESPECT to everyone with whom you interact, recognising and embracing the value and contribution of others.

Demonstrate that you are HONEST AND TRUSTWORTHY at all times, providing accurate information about yourself to help us to help you.

Show empathy for other service users and carers and behave in a SUPPORTIVE AND COMPASSIONATE way at all times.

Take the TIME TO TALK and LISTEN, your feedback and involvement is important to us and will help us to develop our services.

WORK TOGETHER with staff and professionals recognising that you can make a significant contribution to your own wellbeing and take personal responsibility for it.