Transform Community Development have been at the forefront of developing the housing first programme in Dundee. We led the pathfinder programme with other local organisations. The pathfinder supported Scotland’s plan to end homelessness–focusing on, settled housing as quickly as possible with Housing First the default for people whose homelessness is made harder by experiences with trauma, addictions, or mental ill-health.

Our commitment to realising this vision led us to pioneer the Housing First programme in Dundee, a groundbreaking initiative that transforms lives and communities. 

What we offer

  1. Housing First programme: At Transform Community Development, we lead the way in the Housing First Programme, a groundbreaking initiative that worked collaboratively across sectors during our 3-year Pathfinder (2019-22). This effort aimed to establish Housing First as a reality on a larger scale, reaching across Scotland and transforming lives.
  2. Collaborative partnerships: Following the success of our Pathfinder, we've joined forces with Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership and Dundee City Council. Together, we are mainstreaming and developing our services in alignment with the local Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan, ensuring impactful housing support for those in need.
  3. Scalable support: Committed to growth, we are on track to scale up our services, aiming to support up to 84 participants on the programme. Our approach adheres to internationally recognised and evaluated fidelities, providing effective housing support.
  4. Right to a home: We firmly believe that everyone has the right to a home. Through our comprehensive housing and support services in Dundee, we strive to make this fundamental right a reality for individuals and families in Dundee.
  5. Flexible support: Recognising the varied needs of our community, we provide flexible support for as long as it is needed. Our commitment is to empower individuals on their unique journeys towards stable and secure housing.
  6. Separation of housing and support: Empowering individuals with choice and control is at the heart of our services. We recognise the importance of separating housing and support to ensure autonomy for those we assist.
  7. Active engagement approach: Our services take an active engagement approach, ensuring that individuals actively participate in the decision-making process. We value the input and preferences of those we serve.
  8. Strengths-based service: Rooted in recognising and building upon people's strengths, goals, and aspirations, our strengths-based service ensures a personalized and empowering experience for everyone.
  9. Harm reduction approach: Prioritising the well-being of our participants, we implement a harm reduction approach. This strategy focuses on minimising the negative impact of substance use and mental health challenges, creating a supportive environment.
  10. Catalysts for change: The Pathfinder, catalysed by Social Bite and the Scottish Government, has been a transformative journey. Primary funders in years 1 and 2, they continued their visionary support in Year 3, jointly funded by the Scottish Government and local authorities.

Our mission

Now, let’s talk about something that truly matters for us - our mission at Transform Community Development. We're tackling housing challenges by providing housing support in Dundee with a unique approach called Housing First. Why?

Because we believe everyone deserves a stable home without jumping through hoops.

Revolutionising the approach

Housing First is all about shaking up the game. Unlike the other usual housing process, it skips the hurdles and lets people access homes without going through a series of service programs before they can access housing. We're talking about opening doors, not building walls.

Tailored support services

We know different people may come with different support needs and trauma. That's why we offer support services that are like a safety net. But here's the best part – participation is entirely up to the individual.

Meeting complex needs

Some people we help have complex journeys going on – enduring poor mental health, substance issues, you name it. Housing First doesn't shy away from the tough stuff, we tailor our approach to the real, complicated lives people live.

Evidence-based impact

Rest assured, this isn't a leap of faith–it's backed in evidence. The Housing First model boasts impressive success rates, with individuals experiencing remarkable stability in their homes. What's more, our commitment to this approach has been fortified by the triumph of our Pathfinder initiative, reinforcing its efficacy and reliability.

A diverse mix

Imagine a community where diverse stories converge – individuals with complex needs, a history of mental health concerns, substance use, and experiences within the Community Justice. Our support is crafted for those facing these multifaceted challenges.

Navigating life's complexities

Life unfolds with complexities, and we stand ready for those dealing with a mix of challenges – past mental health struggles, substance use, or entanglement with the justice system. Our mission is to provide tailored support for a stable journey.

Transform Community Development is more than a support system, we are a community fostering empowerment. If you or someone you know is navigating these challenges, our doors are wide open to extend a helping hand. Together, let's forge a path towards stable and secure housing!

Long-term impact: Building sustainable futures

Let us paint you a picture of the enduring impact we aim for – building sustainable future through the Housing First programme. It's not just about the here and now, it's about crafting a foundation that resonates through time.

Securing stability

Our commitment extends beyond immediate solutions. Housing First is about securing long-term stability for individuals facing complex challenges. It's a pledge to build a future where housing is not just a temporary fix but a lasting sanctuary.

Holistic transformation

We believe it’s a ripple effect – stabilising housing transcends into holistic transformation. Mental well-being, personal goals, and a sense of control become integral parts of the long-term benefits we strive to achieve.

A beacon of change

With Housing First, we're not just addressing homelessness, we're creating beacons of change. It's a journey towards sustained stability, empowering individuals to script their own narratives of lasting success.

As we continue our transformative journey, your support becomes an integral part of our story.

If you or someone you know needs help finding stable housing, reach out to us. Join us in creating a community where everyone has a place to call home.