Preventing Homelessness

Transform Furniture

Transform Community Development opened the doors of its Transform Furniture Project in December 2006. The community based project works towards overcoming poverty and social exclusion and is driven by 3 main aims:

  1. Providing quality reusable furniture and electrical household items to disadvantaged local groups, such as people moving out of homelessness, are unemployed, on a low-income, in receipt of benefits, elderly and disabled etc.
  2. Creating training and employment opportunities for local people having difficulties in finding a job.
  3. Reducing the amount of household goods that end up in landfill.

Transform operates by collecting donations of household items from the local public, free of charge. The items are inspected, and where required, refurbished to ensure they meet safety and cleanliness standards. Items are resold, or sold to people referred by local agencies or through service level agreements formed with voluntary/statutory housing agencies. 

The project has had a significant social, economic and environmental impact on the local community, and has received considerable praise and support from those benefiting from its service.

Dundee Shop
Address: Transform Furniture Shop 20 Victoria Road, Dundee DD11JN
Email: [email protected] transformcd.org
Phone: 01382 225070
Perth Shop
Address: 226-232 High Street, Perth, PH1 5PA
Email: [email protected] transformcd.org
Phone: 01738 623758