Care Inspectorate inspection & report


We received an unannounced visit from the Care Inspectorate at the end of February 2024.

We have now received the final report, which has been published on their website and can be accessed via this link https://www.careinspectorate.c... or via the widget at the bottom of our page. The key messages from the visit were

• Staff and Management were very good at developing meaningful relationships with people.
• Management and staff were passionate about maintaining high quality of care.
• The method of recording and storage of information was moving to a digital format and could be more person-centred.
• The service needed to undertake a self-evaluation and compile an improvement plan in consultation with residents/participants, staff and other stakeholders.
• A clear restraint policy should be compiled and professional, reflective discussions held with staff to ensure understanding of its limits.
• The provision of formal staff supervisions could be more methodical rather than reactive.
• There was some very good partnership working being done with local authority and third sector provision.

From this inspection the Care Inspectorate evaluated the service as:

In evaluating quality, the Care Inspectorate use a six point scale where 1 is unsatisfactory and 6 is excellent

How well do we support people's wellbeing?4 - Good
How good is our leadership?3 - Adequate
How good is our staff team?4 - Good
How well is our care & support planned?4 - Good

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