Radical Abundance


Over the last few months we have been working with Victoria Hume, a Musselburgh based composer on a her Creative Scotland funded Radical Abundance project.

Radical Abundance, sees Victoria evolve from thinking about health and wellbeing to thinking about the structures that underpin them. “The one that I keep bumping into is the economy,” she explains. “The unhealthiness of our economy, if you like, and the way that that has been driving climate change. And how it’s something we find very difficult to talk about as a society.”

Through Jason Hickel’s book, Victoria came to learn all about Degrowth which, to quote the author, is all about “planned downscaling of energy and resource use to bring the economy back into balance with the living world in a safe, just and equitable way”. This led to a series of conversations – with Jason himself, and with four people working to apply these principles in different ways across Scotland: Daisy Moss (freelance artist, anarchxart); Bryan Smith (Transform Community Development, Dundee); Victoria McQuillan (Scottish Library & Information Council); and Shona McIntosh (Scottish Green Party Councillor for East Lothian.

The first released track, Oblivious Structures can be streamed via your chosen platform via https://li.sten.to/obliviousst...

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