The Coronation Food Fund

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The Coronation Food Project was launched to mark His Majesty The King’s 75th birthday on 14th November.

The project represents a new initiative to save and circulate surplus food and use it for social good and will provide a much-needed boost to charities and people in need across Tayside, Fife and Clackmannanshire.

The Coronation Food Project, which was inspired by The King, aims to create a fairer and more sustainable future by redistributing more food and supercharging food distribution through centres across the UK.

In Tayside, Fife and Clackmannanshire food is redistributed by Transform Community Development, part of a nationwide network operated by FareShare, the UK’s biggest charity using the power of food to bring positive change to people and communities. Transform Community Development serves 156 frontline charities across the region, all of which use food to strengthen communities and help people access vital frontline services.

The Coronation Food Project will help to enhance and scale the infrastructure that gets surplus food to where it is needed most. It is being coordinated by the King Charles III Charitable Fund whose mission is to transform lives and build sustainable communities.

As part of the project, senior figures from the food industry, both major retailers and manufacturers, have joined forces under a new model to save even more waste and generate additional food for the charity sector. Through the Alliance Manufacturing programme, they aim to utilise surplus and donated resources of any kind - food, packaging, labour and capacity - to produce more nutritious food to help people in need.

George Wright, CEO at FareShare said: We are thrilled to have the Coronation Food Project’s support for FareShare and our work to tackle the environmental damage of food waste and turn it into a social good. The King has long been an environmental leader, and his support for social enterprise projects throughout his life has helped many people.

I'm also delighted at the incredible support from the retailers and manufacturers who have adopted our new model to tackle waste of all kinds, and they are already generating significantly more food for our charities as a result.

This will be shared through our national network of over 8,500 charities and community groups across the UK supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society, such as after-school and breakfast clubs, homeless shelters, older people’s lunch clubs, and many more.

At a time of so much need, we’re proud to be part of this initiative, joining forces with our partners right across the food industry, to get more good-to-eat food to people that need it.”

Bryan Smith, CEO at Transform Community Development said: “The support from the Coronation Food Project will make an enormous difference to helping us get good-to-eat food to our network of charities across Tayside, Fife and Clackmannanshire, instead of letting it go to waste. We are incredibly grateful for his support, and these plans to get more food out where it’s needed are really exciting.

We currently deliver 1.360,000 meals to 156 community food members, but we know that there is more need, so anything that can help us access more food will be hugely positive.”

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