Transform Community Development are proud to publish their first Fair Work First Statement


Fair Work First is the Scottish Government's flagship policy for driving high quality and fair work, and workforce diversity across the labour market in Scotland by applying fair work criteria to grants, other funding and public contracts being awarded by and across the public sector, where it is relevant to do so.

Transform Community Development is proud of its commitment to Fair Work practices throughout the organisation, in particular.

  • We pay at least the Real Living Wage and are an accredited Real Living Wage employer.
  • We provide appropriate channels for effective worker’s voice including through our established Staff Action Group and feedback systems, which provides opportunities for feedback and dialogue between staff, volunteers, and Transform Community Development’s Board of Directors.
  • We invest in workforce development through training and Continuous Professional Development.
  • We never use zero-hour contracts.
  • We monitor our pay scales to ensure the gender pay gap is addressed.
  • We offer highly flexible and family friendly working practices to all our employees.
  • We reject the use of fire and rehire practices.

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