A Mini-Manifesto For The Future Of Surplus Food Redistribution


FareShare has released its Where’s The Food? Mini-Manifesto. It calls for political parties to commit in their manifestos to strengthening communities by delivering more surplus food to those in need, and by supporting the food redistribution sector from farm to fork. It outlines what we want the next government to do to bring about a lasting change in our food distribution system.

The UK is lagging behind its counterparts like the USA, France and Spain in redistributing surplus food. The next government must create an economic and legislative environment that benefits surplus food redistribution, and results in more food getting to people who need it.

In the coming months, FareShare will be having discussions with our key stakeholders in the redistribution, civil society, and food sectors, along with stakeholders within FareShare UK and our network. These discussions will be instrumental in refining the proposals outlined in this manifesto. The insights gained from these consultations will guide the creation of a detailed and fully costed final manifesto.

This consultation will be active until 25/02/2024, and can be accessed here: https://www.fareshare.org.uk/manifestoconsultation

Food redistributors, charities, and businesses are already hard at work. We need the government to do its part and deliver lasting change for communities across the United Kingdom.

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