The Benefits Of Second Hand Furniture

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Buying used furniture is often more sustainable, ethical, healthy and cost effective. You can find some really unique pieces that you may not see elsewhere, especially if something has been lovingly upcycled. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to buy second hand for your home.

More Sustainable And Ethical

The furniture industry is one of the least sustainable, and most pollutive industries. With interior design fashions changing faster and faster companies are pushed to produce more products cheaply and quickly, sometimes underpaying and exploiting workers at the same time. So-called “fast furniture” also leads to more plastic being created and further deforestation to make wooden products. By purchasing pre-loved items you break that harmful cycle and don’t contribute to exploitation of people or new materials being over-produced and wasted.

Boosts The Local Economy

Purchasing vintage, upcycled and pre-loved furniture is a great way to support the local economy. Pop over our shop at 20 Victoria Street and fall in love with our ever-changing collection. You can also buy some great second hand furniture , meaning you can decorate your home and support us at the same time. By making a local purchase you are putting money directly back into your community, and a strong local economy means a healthier, more vibrant community.

Save Money

Unless you’re out buying some fabulous antiques the chances are used furniture will be cheaper, especially if its previous owners are keen to get rid of it. Who doesn’t want to save a bit of money when they can?

Healthier For You And Your Family

Pre-loved furniture doesn’t pollute your home with off-gas. New furniture is often made of particle board and formaldehyde-treated composite woods that can cause eye and nose irritation, and sometimes effect asthmatics.

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